February 10, 2012

this moment: the best moments are moments with mommy!

hello everyone! happy friday to you all! this is actually the first time i will be sharing with you a lovely moment. well, there is nothing lovelier than spending the moment with my mom! when she's around, i feel at ease because i don't have to worry about what's going on with her life. i know she is safe and sound. every time she comes home from church or from somewhere else, i greet her at the door, showing her how happy i am to see her by wagging my tail, and smiling my puppy smile. i love it when she strokes my head and then carry me in her arms after i do that. isn't that wonderful? that's mommy's hand in the picture, by the way. :-D

"This Moment" is a ritual found on Life Inspired By The Wee Man adopted from SouleMama.

February 4, 2012

i'm posing, yo!

why hello there! you know what? i'm not actually thinking of playing and running around all the time. i could actually sit down and remain still if i wanted to. and sometimes, i am friends with the camera. just like what you see in the above pictures! i also like it when mom makes me do certain poses for pictures. i can do the sideway pose with a little head tilt, looking up pose, trying-to-be-cute pose, or whatever pose i wanted to do. well, as long as i'm in the mood then it's okay! i would even be looking straight at the camera!

hey, i hope you're enjoying the weekend! take care!

February 2, 2012

some bedtime rituals

umm... my little black nose is itchy... i gotta scratch it...

there... now my little black nose feels much better...

i'm actually trying to show you my tongue, but it looks weird in this picture...

i'm kinda sleepy now... and mommy still won't stop snappin pictures...

now this is the best sleeping position evah! it makes me feel like a human being hehe!

so i have an amazing photographer who takes all my pictures. and she happens to be my mom! and yes, even when i'm about to fall asleep, she can't seem to stop taking pictures of me. which is kinda weird. because i do crazy things to make myself fall asleep... i scratch my nose, lick my paws, prepare my bed (i even have a video doing that which i haven't uploaded yet), roll from side to side to find the most comfortable position, etc. some of the shots are so awkward, i'm embarrassed that i'm actually showing them to you. i wonder if other dogs sleep the way i do (referring to last picture).

well, i'm off to bed now! take care!

January 31, 2012

a puppy photoshoot

now i wonder what my mom is up to...

what the heck, she is carrying a camera!

i gotta get out of here... i'm not done playing yet...

okay, now how do i get out of here??

stop it mommy! grrr!!!

okay, so my mom tricked me into taking these photos. because you know what she did? she cornered me! remember when i told you in this post that i love running around a lot instead of posing for my mom's photos? well, this time she got me. and now you know how obsessed my mom is in making me the subject of her photos. she's kinda crazy, isn't she?

January 28, 2012

is that a fox's tail??

regarding the title... well of course it's not. cause that's my tail. people would always tell me that i look like a little fox. and these days i am noticing that i am looking more like a fox than a dog. hmm... i don't know if that's a good thing though. but maybe one day, i can go play in the forest and pretend to be among the wild animals that live there. and then i could go run around and chase deers and squirrels and all small animals... whoops i forgot that i'm small too! forgive my wild imagination. :-D

hope you're having a blast this weekend!

January 26, 2012

i'm baaack!

why hello there fellas! did you miss me? i know i haven't been able to blog for a couple of days. but i have valid reasons, i promise. i was really really busy sleepin', playin', eatin', and runnin' around all day. so i no longer have time to blog. see? i told yah my reasons are valid! but yeah, my mom still takes a lot of photos of me. sometimes i give her a hard time doing that because i'd rather be movin' and runnin' around than stay put in one place to pose for pictures. but yeah, my mom never gives up on me haha!

and the pictures above? well well, that's what i do when i want mommy to share me the food she's eatin'. and they're usually chips. sometimes they're cookies! and who can resist my cutie patootie face, don't yah think? she now shares me some of her snacks. so her snack time is pretty much my snack time too! sounds fun, eh?

have a great day peeps!

January 15, 2012

when snoopy and i are friends

guess what, guys? snoopy and i are not totally enemies. and sometimes, even when i bite its nose, its ears, and its tail a lot, i could still snuggle with it when i sleep.

see the above pictures? those are moments when i am friends with it. we look like best buddies, don't we?

by the way, i'm on twitter now! so if you would like to follow my tweets, here's the link to my account: @davethepomspitz

and if you haven't seen my video when i was three months old, you can go watch it here!

hope you're having an awesome weekend!

January 13, 2012

i love lazy days!

why yes, i most certainly enjoy lazy days! days when i could just lie on my puppy bed. or beside my mommy with my head laying on her lap. or camwhoring just like the above pictures *wink* it always feels good to relax ya know? it's good for ya! plus you'll be able to regain all the energy lost on busy days! so you'll have the strength to work again. does this make sense? i think so!

have a great day!

January 7, 2012

video when i was three months old!

hi guys! today is a very special day for me... i am now five months old! yay! i'm now a big boy! although i know i'm still a miniature doggy.

my mom made this video as a remembrance on how i looked liked when i was only three months old, which was also the time i first came into her home. i don't know why she picked that song but i thought it was a fun and happy song, which matches my personality.

so, i hope you all enjoy this simple video! take care everyone!

January 5, 2012

i want me some chips, mommy!

last night, my mom was munching on some chips. they sounded so crunchy as my mom chewed on them. so i approached her and flashed my cutest can-i-have-some-please puppy eyes. but man, it didn't work at all! mommy won't share! she bit and chewed and swallowed the chips without sparing some for me! so when i fell asleep, i had a dream about chips... they floated in the air... calling my name... Daaave!... come and get uuus!... and then i woke up and thought it was real! oh those chips got me obsessed!

January 4, 2012

getting back at snoopy + my new haircut yo!

Heya fellas! Remember this post where I showed you how my chew toy got its revenge? Well, I got mine this time! And I bit Snoops' nose just like what you see in the picture. I also bit its back and some of its fibers came out, which means another sewing job for my mom to do! Heehee!

And oh, by the way, notice anything new??? C'mon, I know you do! My fur got trimmed! See?? Yep, mom took me to the vet two days before New Year 2012 for a make over! This was to get rid of my baby hair. The vet said that when my fur grows back, it would be shiny and would look healthier. Hmm... sounds good to me!

Hope you're havin' a wonderful day peeps!

January 2, 2012

a little bit of picture overload

first of all, happy 2012 friends and fans! so how did you celebrate it? did you eat a lot? enjoyed all the firecrackers around your neighborhood? well, I didn’t enjoy all those explodin’ sounds if you ask me. they kinda made me shake with fear! good thing my mom was there to comfort me with her hugs. so my first New Year didn’t become a traumatic experience for me!

oh by the way, i'm postin’ more pics today because i actually got a haircut last friday! yep, visited the vet and had my first groomin’ session! kinda weird and it made me feel uneasy! so i'm postin’ these photos when i still had my baby hair around! these’ll make you remember how i looked like back then.

cheers to 2012!!!