February 10, 2012

this moment: the best moments are moments with mommy!

hello everyone! happy friday to you all! this is actually the first time i will be sharing with you a lovely moment. well, there is nothing lovelier than spending the moment with my mom! when she's around, i feel at ease because i don't have to worry about what's going on with her life. i know she is safe and sound. every time she comes home from church or from somewhere else, i greet her at the door, showing her how happy i am to see her by wagging my tail, and smiling my puppy smile. i love it when she strokes my head and then carry me in her arms after i do that. isn't that wonderful? that's mommy's hand in the picture, by the way. :-D

"This Moment" is a ritual found on Life Inspired By The Wee Man adopted from SouleMama.

February 4, 2012

i'm posing, yo!

why hello there! you know what? i'm not actually thinking of playing and running around all the time. i could actually sit down and remain still if i wanted to. and sometimes, i am friends with the camera. just like what you see in the above pictures! i also like it when mom makes me do certain poses for pictures. i can do the sideway pose with a little head tilt, looking up pose, trying-to-be-cute pose, or whatever pose i wanted to do. well, as long as i'm in the mood then it's okay! i would even be looking straight at the camera!

hey, i hope you're enjoying the weekend! take care!

February 2, 2012

some bedtime rituals

umm... my little black nose is itchy... i gotta scratch it...

there... now my little black nose feels much better...

i'm actually trying to show you my tongue, but it looks weird in this picture...

i'm kinda sleepy now... and mommy still won't stop snappin pictures...

now this is the best sleeping position evah! it makes me feel like a human being hehe!

so i have an amazing photographer who takes all my pictures. and she happens to be my mom! and yes, even when i'm about to fall asleep, she can't seem to stop taking pictures of me. which is kinda weird. because i do crazy things to make myself fall asleep... i scratch my nose, lick my paws, prepare my bed (i even have a video doing that which i haven't uploaded yet), roll from side to side to find the most comfortable position, etc. some of the shots are so awkward, i'm embarrassed that i'm actually showing them to you. i wonder if other dogs sleep the way i do (referring to last picture).

well, i'm off to bed now! take care!