January 2, 2012

a little bit of picture overload

first of all, happy 2012 friends and fans! so how did you celebrate it? did you eat a lot? enjoyed all the firecrackers around your neighborhood? well, I didn’t enjoy all those explodin’ sounds if you ask me. they kinda made me shake with fear! good thing my mom was there to comfort me with her hugs. so my first New Year didn’t become a traumatic experience for me!

oh by the way, i'm postin’ more pics today because i actually got a haircut last friday! yep, visited the vet and had my first groomin’ session! kinda weird and it made me feel uneasy! so i'm postin’ these photos when i still had my baby hair around! these’ll make you remember how i looked like back then.

cheers to 2012!!!


Jan said...

Dave you are beautiful, or should I say very handsome. I am glad that mommy was there to comfort you while the bombs went off. I hope you have a wonderful new Year. Yona

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Happy New Year, Dave! I'm so glad you had your Mommy by your side. Firecrackers can be so frightening, we have lots of them in India around Diwali (an Indian festival). Thankfully Pablo's not scared of them. Have a wonderful year ahead, Dave!