January 26, 2012

i'm baaack!

why hello there fellas! did you miss me? i know i haven't been able to blog for a couple of days. but i have valid reasons, i promise. i was really really busy sleepin', playin', eatin', and runnin' around all day. so i no longer have time to blog. see? i told yah my reasons are valid! but yeah, my mom still takes a lot of photos of me. sometimes i give her a hard time doing that because i'd rather be movin' and runnin' around than stay put in one place to pose for pictures. but yeah, my mom never gives up on me haha!

and the pictures above? well well, that's what i do when i want mommy to share me the food she's eatin'. and they're usually chips. sometimes they're cookies! and who can resist my cutie patootie face, don't yah think? she now shares me some of her snacks. so her snack time is pretty much my snack time too! sounds fun, eh?

have a great day peeps!


Jan said...

Oh Dave I am so glad to see you again. Yona has missed you too! I love the pictures your mom takes of you, you should settle down a little so she doesn't have to work so hard. Yona would love to have some chips and cookies too!!!

William Kendall said...

Such big eyes you have, Dave!